Accidental Poet

Dreams of Peace

RIP Martin Luther King Jr.

Born: January 15, 1929, - Atlanta, GA

Assassinated: April 4, 1968 - Memphis, TN


A violent man I’m not

I’ve no wish to fight

But rattle my cage enough

And this old dog will bite


Born on American soil

With pride to stand my ground

And living in the USA

I hear a patriotic sound


Echoes of our forefathers

Great men with great dreams

For all its people to live

A life peaceful and serene


To be a free nation

Knowing freedom has a price

We’ll fight if we must

But world peace would really be nice


Fast forward to modern day

Over seven billion people

Most praying for

A world where we’re all equal


A planet united

Embraced in world peace

For the violence to stop

And senseless wars to cease


For we’re all sisters and brothers

We should all know better

The writings been on the wall

If we stop to read the letter


Even Martin Luther King

  Had a beautiful dream

But a rival cut him down

Before it could be seen


Had he lived

In victory he’d have a piece

As would we all in

Dreams of peace


 Copyright © Robert Hays 2015