En Route From A to B

En Route From A to B


On average, the entire journey

would maybe take

the best part of four whole days

Yes, it was a long way indeed

From Amsterdam to

Bergen-Belsen back in the day

And get this, there was never

more than standing room in any

case, and then ..

Only if you were very, very lucky

No toilet stops,

no buffet car or restaurants ..

Just a bucket for each cattle truck

if you were lucky ..

One way tickets only, no voids ..

Returns and certainly no refunds

were allowed

Not a single bloody one ..

Yet strange as it may now seem

whole families might often be

accommodated thus, regardless ..

Though, the bastards as was, 

could not cope and so lost 

countless wretched souls in that way ..

While exact numbers may yet vary

it is now known almost a million

innocents passed en-route from A to B ..