Fay Slimm.





Portentous is storm.
Thick and heavy this afternoon air
projects an impending doom everywhere.
Frightening is lightning.
Leaving a film on withering green
it alters the sheen of pooled dew in each leaf.
Numbing is thunder
Wide but blueless the sky-scape here
warily waits as pregnant with wet, gale threatens.
Awful is louring mauve.
Suddenly rumbling sounds, decibel-loud
and clashing drowns voices of scurrying crowd.
I see a large tree shaking prior to
the strike,
as its line
slashing at
old spalted
oaken core,
strips it bare,
groaning the
trunk heaves,
smoking oak
sighs as skin
splits and
bark rips while
trembling leaves
slide into heated
inferno of gorging fire
hits the floor and roots weep
as tree shudders once and it dies. 

Awesome is white- forked lightning.