Saxon Crow

RIP Boffington Town

What a sad day for Boffington Town
The Council decreed to close the place down
The police station, the fire service are both laid to rest
While shops, pubs and restaurants are labelled a mess
The houses still standing are quickly pulled down
While residents and neighbours are all kicked out
Griddly Smethelton has had a nose job done 
And it looks quite beautiful sewn to his wrinkly old bum
While Ipsy Mcskiggins the murderess of cats

Is sent to an asylum with all hair still intact

Mrs Duckers and Mr Von Sneppick
Both got married to give them credit
While PC Porpoodle was arrested for theft
Apparently he stole a troll of his last breath
And the Colerutter fire crew have now been extinguished 
All because their antics caused a lot more damage
So the lights go out in Boffington Town
All the stories and laughter no longer to be found
And the last thing we see is its people on the run
Because the timer on the bomb
Has almost reached 1

....... The End........