San Francisco\'s Waiting


I always used to ask her;
How could you know a City
You\'ve never actually seen with your own eyes?

She always replied; \" I just know\"

She told me, she was in love
With the Golden Gate Bridge
A truly spectacular sight

She said;
It always had the possibility
To make dreams come true

She saw its potential
It had created a pathway
People could connect
It\'s a Bridge of Hope, she’d say

I always thought it was the
Cable Cars that she loved
Or the hills?
Maybe even the bright lights of evening?
But it always came back to the Bridge

Even though I myself
Have only ever seen it in books

One day I\'d like to visit
If only to see it in person

The Bridge she always spoke of

Then, I could whisper up to the sky

Darling Mum
“You just knew didn\'t you\".