Seeing more Deeply, Seems Pointless


What\'s the point of knowing
the universe began with a big, big bang.
When all the energy and spacetime
was squeezed into a singularity,
a single point of origin,
and it exploded, bang.

What\'s the point of knowing
the universe is destined for
the Big Crunch when everything
will be pulled back into a singularity,
back to a single point, 
and aimlessly go off again
with big, big bang.

Seeing more, knowing more seems pointless, 
when the point sought after, doesn\'t matter.
Is there a point to the fall of a sparrow?
Can a butterfly flap change the weather?
But, what do we get by knowing?
Seeing the sparrow fall,
Seeing the butterfly flap its wings,
and contemplating what it means to us,
is much more meaningful
than knowing the pointless
point of consequences,
in mindless detail.

Over-analysis is paralysis to the senses,
to seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, feeling
and taking it all in.
In some magical ways ignorance is bliss.
Knowing more, knowing the mechanics of being
seems pointless, somehow.
It\'s the play of the senses we enjoy, 
and the joy of finding, 
our own special meaning along the way.
It’s the journey! 
I say to myself. 
It’s the journey!
Savour it.