The Uneducated O.A.P

It\'s Kernow, innit

An ochre sun sets behind bobbing sailboats casting long shadows over harbour walls

A sickly aroma of seafood, chips pies n pasties greets naval passages as a hungry seagull grabs freshly made ice cream in a high speed flyby leaving behind a cornet way past its sell by date.

Children crabbing as Englander parents necking brain deadening liquid leaning against bars utter the immortal words \" I only took my eyes off them for a second\"  as one child falls into the wavey water.

Sails clapping in a building breeze as a drunken busker sings his best rendition of Land Of Dope and Snorty

Shivering Emmets pull Pashminas over sunburnt bodies giggle as said busker trips headfirst into a fresh display of wet fish

Under the  boardwalk, a fresh reveal of untanned  complexion 

Is surely ending in unplanned conception

Tripadvisor receives complaining reviews of cow pats on pathways to headland viewpoints from veggie eating townies

Social Media lights up from said townies asking where cow pats come from

Facebook photo of drunken reveller sleeping beside swimming pool, trunks pulled down and an ice cream cornet sticking out from his anus receives 1 million likes.

Fish digest plastic dumped on our shores and sea

Its Lego and chips for tea.


This is Kernow innit 

Its Beautifull