Fay Slimm.





Praise for all variation,
that diversified play of colour and shape
which takes away sameness
and paints nature with sheer tessilation.


Hooray for the patchwork
of harlequin stripes in a mackereled sky
or those chequered blotches
embroidered on coats of every dalmatian.

Applause for the hues
shot through peacocks and each rainbow,
pied streaks in ponies,
marbling of stone, wide frets in the bands
on speckled trout, braided
tattoos over bellies of zebras and tigers
flecked with a motely
collection of artistically peppered mosaic.

Smiles for tri-colours
in butterflies, the piebald in frogs made
to reflect luminous wet
and those myriad petals on two-toned 
roses or the ad infinitum  
shades of white in Michaelmas daisies.


          Let\'s celebrate kaleidoscope difference               
seen in the abundance 
of all naturally crazed iridescent things.