Lips and Numbers

Left, right, left, right, march to the left. 

Feet in place, baggage space.  


To your station, mind your connotation.

List the numbers, call the plumbers. 


Whizz, whizz, through my head. 

Drag the body to the shed. 


One, two, six, four. 

The men in black are at my door. 


Sharpen your skills, Lovecraft. 

Cthulhu isn’t all that daft. 


Tekeli-li, tekeli. 

They ate each other’s liver. 


Trains on the tracks.

Brains on the axe. 


The United States Army has issued a warning. 

We’ll be in the fallout shelter by the morning. 


He clipped my nails.

He’ll go to jail.


Toss him over.

Grab the flamethrower. 


The bell has tolled. 

The corpse foretold. 


Ah, dancing to Donna Donna.

Ah, the black fog rolls in. 


A blimp emerges from the smoke. 

The pilot who wished he never spoke. 


Plane, plane, fly away. 

Please don’t disappear by the 8th. 


Sierra. Oscar. Sierra. 


Whiskey. Echo. Hotel. Alpha. Victor. Echo. Sierra. Tango. Romeo. Uniform. Charlie. Kilo. Alpha. November. India. Charlie. Echo. Bravo. Echo. Romeo. Golf. Sierra. India. November. Kilo. India. November. Golf. Foxtrot. Alpha. Sierra. Tango. Charlie. Oscar. Mike. Echo. Tango. Oscar. Oscar. Uniform. Romeo. Alpha. Sierra. Sierra. India. Sierra. Tango. Alpha. November. Charlie. Echo. 


Four. Fourteen. Fifteen. One. Nine. One. Two.


Charlie. Alpha. Romeo. Papa. Alpha. Tango. Hotel. India. Alpha. 


The reflection in the mirror isn’t yours.