The Stare

The Stare


She was a redhead

with auburn flames that sparkled 

locks that lapped her shoulders 

as if her body was on fire.

It was all just an allure 

to focus your attention 

onto her face: her green mystical eyes

her lips, alive with the fire of her spirit

her skin as smooth and white 

as the vanilla cone she was licking.

Here on the boardwalk she was encircled

by a legion of men, each at a distance

not daring enough to get too close.

Yet each was frozen into a chilling stare

unable to move for what seemed 

a slow-motion eternity. 

As she sashayed away

her sensuous body floated

 past masculine statues

all with their heads on backwards.

They stared as she came to me

close enough to touch

and gave me a taste.