When I was on the land,
The ocean attracted me,
I wanted the fins rather than a hand,
I wanted the glee in the sea.
When I was in the ocean,
The sky attracted me,
The land and sea looked mean,
But in the sky i was free.
When I was in the sky,
I felt a little lonely,
I was watching from high,
And now the land looked lovely.
The desires will make me tear,
From one to the other,
The experiences were clear,
And the last thing i wanted to hear,
To bring me back at my home,
Where there is no fear,
I was not lonely or alone,
Finally i wanted my existence to be clear,
The desries may give you a reason,
A reason to live or to try,
To reach the success will be fun,
Or maybe fall from the high.
Ask yourself about the end,
When you will achieve what you desired,
Will there be your family or a friend?
To celebrate the desire you acquired...