Eating Frozen Grapes While Sad

Why am I eating frozen grapes while I\'m sad you ask? 

It\'s cause of a wild-eyed boy who took my heart by accident.

Looking back, I never recall him asking for it... then again, I don\'t recall giving it to him either. 

I do remember the look in his big brown eyes though,

and the taste of his kiss. 

I remember the long nights that never turned into days.

I remember the way his hand felt caressing my face.

I remember how high we got each other without ever really trying.

I remember the laughs we shared.

I remember the love that grew between us

so quiet and shy, lurking in the corners of our hearts but never leaving its place of comfortability.

Never allowing itself to fully be shown in something more than a glance... a kiss.... a smile.

I remember all the things I wanted to say to him but didn\'t.

And that is why I am eating frozen grapes while I\'m sad.