L. B. Mek

an Elizabeth, for a Kin


her regal height 

forever crouched

stumbling, over 

invisible pavement spikes


my favourite 

conversationalist wonder

hours, travelling every tropic 

with varied topics


unyielding backbone, scaffolding 

unshakable, survival instincts

layered over a sponged, compassionate core 

busily absorbing her life’s storms; 


routines comforts, her delights

lifelong stable friendships as treasures

her purpled heart’s tattered covers

forced to survive, behind distances - curtains


memories aplenty 

of bright laughter’s energy

bloodline loyalty

forging, ever-sweet melancholy


warmth, gift wrapped 

within spirited boldness

anointed, an African princess

by her deeds: of intuitive kindness 



© L. B. Mek

August 2018