Purrfectly Batman

Purrrrrfectly my dear Bat Creature
I am always on the prowl
looking for my next adventure
my stomach always on the growl  


Curiosity is a thrill for me
\"Batman your cape is too long\"
same old hotels, no place to be
\"Oh Batman! Your arms are so strong\"


  So I climb around always purring
Meowwww I am feline candy
\"Batman, do you find me alluring?\"
\"I\'ll make your batwings feel dandy\"  


Who needs a vacation to seek thrills
When I look at you my Dear Batman
Your eyes give me such a chill
Your strong, hard body, I am a fan!  


They call me Catwoman,
and I am always on the prowl
\"Did you know I tied that Robin man
and in his mouth I left a towel\"  


I am always searching for fun
Oh Batman, who needs a vacation
\"Can I play with your gun?\"
I see it\'s giving me a standing ovation