Edward Charles McDevitt

Reality Check

On this site late morning, did I clearly see,

Solitary a poem, that was written by me.

A comment made by someone seems so dear,

Kinds words said that made them feel near.

Emotions flowed like water in a stream,

Seeming surreal, almost as a dream.

Reality set in, slapping hard my face,

Tears down my cheek, now hardly a trace.

Seeing my reflection, noticing a smile,

Just a little shock, as its\' been a while.

My deflated heart is swelling now anew,

Rising each day, gazing at the dew.

Brighter it is, as the day goes by,

Now I have a sparkle in my blue/gray eye.

The comment you made, really meant a lot,

Words of encouragement, truly hit the spot.

Racing now and, in my head some wins,

Getting out of bed, a new day begins!