Jay-Lee Jane


I remember the day my home was taken away,

When the men in blue came to take you away—

Then they took me too.

To go live with a new family.

I laid in tears in bed all night,

Waiting to hear you knock on my door.

Home is where your family is…

But mine has all gone away.

I look out the window – to the stars in the sky,

And I pray to The Lord in a house that isn’t mine:

To take me home,

To where I belong.

I close my eyes but he mustn’t be listening,

Because I’m still here;

On my knees,

Looking up at the stars.

I trace a house in the sky,

Made from the tears that the angels cry…

All I want is a place to call home,

A place that is mine and of safe keeping.

So I trace the stars for hours at a time—

Adding pets, sisters and brothers…

“Please Lord,” I pray,

“Take me home to Mummy and Daddy,

I never liked it here anyway.

Lord I’m scared; this isn’t my home,

And my family—will I forget them?

Lord please, I hope your listening.

For only you can take me home.”

From above I feel his presence,

Like the smell of rain on a hot day.

And I feel his big hands scoop down—

And pick me up.

I hear his soft voice:

“Young one, you have travelled far,

The length of many thousands of stars.

But you do not need to fear,

 For the fire from the stars in your heart

Will lead you home, and lead you to me.

You will never be alone,

Because I am always with you.

Home is where you make it, and home is where you see it.

Home is where your heart is.”

His spirit leaves from up above

and I think of what he’s said.

Home is where your heart is,

But my heart is in me,

So does that mean I am my home?

I look to the stars and I look hard,

Home is where I am,

And I will never be alone.



-Jay-Lee J