Goodbye, until next time.

You were hanging from the tree like the apple

I reached out to you, you fell willingly into my hands

I took you and cleaned the dust off you

I opened myself quite wide for you

You saw the bandaid I used to rap my bleeding heart with

You showed me yours, it took a piece of me when I saw you darkness 

However,  I accepted all of you, just like you did accept all of me

I tried to push the door a bit further but you were standing behind 

I asked to come in but you said no

I should\'ve taken the hint

We stood chatting on your doorstep 

I can feel your door slowly closing on me while we talk, you smile at me and say\"i care about you\"

With my brain numb, I believed you

You gave me your hand so I held it tight

I comforted you

We gazed into each other\'s ocean of souls 

I got very lost

I felt present but gone

I felt safe but uncertain 

I felt seen but unheard 

I attempted to overhear your loud thoughts but it was an eerie silence

We were in our dystopian world

You smile at me

You say nothing even though I can still hear you talk in my head

We lay down next to one another 

We see our consciousness flying away one in Red and one in Blue

Reaching the moon

I closed my eyes

I saw your face reflected in my mirror 

I took a nap, I dreamed of nothing 

I open my eyes I see your door closed

Placed in your spot is a dried pool of blood

I breathed a sigh of relief 

I pushed myself off the ground and went back home

I burned all the things I wanted to give to you

I burned my love and care

I scattered the ashes where we used to play, and I said \"goodbye,  until next time\"


© Arvy

Sep 2021