Magpies , every time I see them 

a smile makes itself known , inside of me 

The long tails with that of the blue 

like the brightened blue sea like sky , living within 

maybe she once lived as a fish , emerging as a bird 

a bird with a segment of the blue from the salty sea 


the magpie stands 

she almost skips and hops her way across the grass 

by the trees who are smiling as she is walking her path 

she skips and hops 

bright eyed , joyful and at ease with the blue bright eyed colour at the end of her tail 

which is there because of her previous life in the sea as a fish 

where all that lived was blue 


now that she is a bird , a magpie 

the environment she once lived in 

lives at the end of her tail 

is a part of her 

she cannot forget the sea or her life as a fish 

at times it was beautiful 

other times she wanted to be one of those birds living above her , living above the sea 


she’s a magpie , she skips and she hops 

excited with her new life 

where she is allowed difference 

where she isn’t living in the sea 

where she’s allowed to be the bird , the bird she’s always wanted to be 


she skips and she hops , her inner spirit is alive 

and I love when I see her 

the magpie with the beautiful skip and hop 

happy , cheery eyed and adventurous 


Her past is behind her on the end of the tail with the segment of the salty sea