In Silence and Disbelief (for the innocent)



Today, it is not about Politics

It is not about Terrorism



It is simply about remembering

“The Innocent people who died”


For the ordinary people

Who were at work

Earning an honest Dollar

And for those

Enjoying a day of out

Tourists, in the Big Apple



It\'s for those who never got to see

Their Mum’s or Dad’s again

Son’s and Daughter’s

Husbands, Wives

Sisters, Brothers

Now missing from Christmas photos

Aunties, Uncles

Blood relatives

Best friends  

All these people taken

In a man-made Catastrophe



This is for every single

Emergency Service, Man and Women

Who died doing the job they loved

Skills, driven by their passion to help others


And to those Emergency workers still here

Who wake every morning

Still living the constant Nightmare

Waking in a cold sweat

 To the now tuneless birds

Outside their bedroom windows



It is for those

 Innocent souls on the planes

Who only had moments to phone loved ones

Saying goodbye

With love, nothing but love heard in their voices



It’s for a Nation

Who will mourn this dark day forever

A skyline missing its Twin Towers

Grief that only first-hand

Can really ever be understood

A lifetime of sorrow

Questions of, what if\'s

And all for what?



As I write this, I myself remember

Where I was and what I was doing

On the other side of the Pond

On what I can only describe as the day

The lights of the world went out



Where desperate screams echoed into space

As death and dust covered the great City

And indeed the World



Let us be united,

United for those beautiful people

Who were cruelly taken in a truly wicked fate



I remember that day, as if it was yesterday

The day the World lost its light and its hope


The Day the World stopped and stared

In silence and disbelief.