Hold Peace As Darkness Seeding Circles Rain


hold peace as darkness seeding circles rain

it is not for the tool to set aside this thunder

our houses long since fallen grace has wept our seasons dry

for Parliament to nose two decades sleep their tapping door

the crippled floors for hags-foot bent and doubled

is it us or them to savour bigots dance through pregnant shores?


of Spring and Men with rats paws playing Sundays ill-retreat

November creeping silent through the treason of refrain

the Priest of paupers rampant rage on the grave of dissidence

comes Lord to sire King for countries sake to apprehend

the blood that tastes the sirloin of the married crotch

as asked we drip and dry our Rapeseed oil on Mustards watch;


in my glass of frozen embryo

where a part of me once died

on a Cross too thin to understand

why water chased the red wine from your eyes;

why the refugee who haunted hedge and sound

stood motionless as hungry Hare and Hound

painted pain upon the eyebrows of my closed mind

as I sang the bloodstone crystals\' lullaby;


am the last Son on your sunset

I was the last to hear you breathe

I was the last to see your heart race

to feel the the pulse beneath your sleeve;


I am lost somewhere between the pillars of regret

on the worlds edge chasing star-shine to my twin

the world has lost her oyster

I have lived and lossed from somewhere deep within.


the lost Son of your sunset

I was the first to watch  you die

you were the first to watch me tremble

the first to fall asleep and hear me cry;