Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

Rainbows without rain

Rainbows without rain

seven colours in the sky 

vibrant and visible 

a rainbow is smiling not because of the rain

but just because she’s allowed to exist 

to shine, to be , even without the rain falling 

even without pain showering alongside the sun 


she’s allowed to exist , to shine , to be 

to smile in vibrant colours 

a rainbows that decided to be more confident 

to appear when she wishes 

not because or as a result of the showering rain 

but because she wants to 

she wants a say in the world 

revealing a bright light with the confidence of a tree 


rainbows without rain 

colours without pain 

beauty without sadness 

the sky is blue without the need for rain 


rainbows without rain 

rainbows without pain 

can’t we all be rainbows without rain ?