Today I’m in pink ,

Today I’m in pink 

Pink top , jacket , 

maybe like that pink line of the rainbow or the pink petals on a rose 

the outside of me , happy , vibrant clothes , pink

but me , today , most of today been feeling somehow tired , lacking in vibrancy and dull internally 


today I’m in pink , the outside of me vibrant like the petals of a rose 

standing out , my clothes atleast 

but somehow my internal world has been tired and felt like I’ve been lacking the pretty feeling 


it’s been a bit of a cloudy day inside of my world 

in my mind 

tired of the feelings 

a pink world living on the outside of me 

reflecting something that I do not always feel , beauty , vibrancy , fun , joy 

a girl like laughter living on me on the jacket and the top 

like the petaled pink rose and the rainbow so vibrant in this world 


and even as I write this I feel kind of dull internally 

and I’m not feeling the beauty of the rose or the vibrant fun feelings of the rainbow 

I just feel kind of flat and dull like the somewhat cloudy sky I see outside of my window 

and I just feel like there is emptiness living here that sometimes needs more beauty 


and the words on this page are helpful to me , because their giving me a chance to talk 

allowing the part of me to have their say 

and that’s nice 

helpful to speak of our feelings 

and that which may be hurting our minds and our days