L. B. Mek

We too, were Romeo’s - once


Beneath that windowsill of adoration 

we waited with that zealotry of youth

and yearned, for just one more glimpse

that would lead, to one more: everything…


Assured, by our ears pulsating drumbeat

that our feelings were more trustworthy 

than any vaulted currency of prideful, restraint

and eventually when our reward, beamed 

from what we deemed, as our lighthouse of hope

oh - what fervent joy we tasted of life, leaping

to declare proud our loves, blinkered certainty 

draped, in that vehemence of a starlit night.


Once, when stars winked at us mischievously

and smiles, knew no border lines

we too, were foolhardy Romeo’s

for those cherished Rosaline’s: in our lives…



© L. B. Mek

August 2021