Fay Slimm.

This Heart



This Heart.


When I, led sleepless through uneasy dark
sigh lonely for thee.
When moon rides high its wide curved arc
and cold falls crisp on flower and tree.

When sun bids farewell to skyline\'s blue
and a mist covers first starlight with dew
how I sigh for thee.


When I, dreaming walk lone ocean waves
again sigh for thee.
When wind rides high spume\'s briny lace
and a moon turns pale its filters on me.

When Neptune roams his wild-water hall
and foaming white horses rise only to fall
how I sigh for thee.


When I, wakened bone-tired before dawn
sigh weary for thee.
When sun rises high as day becomes worn
and noon lies basking over calmed leat.

When distance between us taxes this heart
and needed commitment keeps us apart
how I sigh for thee.