Sunrise to Sunset

I love sunsets and sunrises,

I love the fresh morning dew.

I love the twinkle in your eyes

I love you, and everything you do.


I read books on the street,

With a mug of green tea,

See energy and time repeat

Run, swim and dive in the sea.


I love the summer morning

The smell of mown grass.

Like the snap of fire crackling

I love nature to make a wish.


I love animals and mammals,

Dogs, cats, and the patient owls,

The heavens above are filled with angels

And the sky is teeming with fouls.


I love cherries and strawberries,

I like to spin around on a chair,

Do gymnastics for the eyes

And take someone by the hand without fear.


I like the autumn to be

With a blanket of dried leaves, 

Fall asleep with the television watching me

And winter gathering under the trees.


Sunrise to sunset glows with happiness

Asleep with dreams awake with thoughts

We go further and turn fantasy into bliss

And hope creates the adventures in our hearts