Misery and Sorrow

The shadows of the angels
That we forgot to love
Grow as our heart dies...

We stop loving ourselves
And started to love our shadows...

But the Sun is gone,
And in darkness we stay,
Looking what we loved so much
And what now have abandoned us...

Now, incomplete we are...

In a valley with no light,
The shadows blend
And vanish without saying goodbye...

And here we stay:
In front of the Last Judgement\'s mirror;
Behind the souls that we lost...

And here we die:
Alone, dusty, rusty...

And here our ashes remain...

(Without wind to take them away,
Without rain to merge them with the world,
Without light to purify them again...)

And the angels
We once dreamed of having seen,
Were nothing more than statues of ourselves:
Lost, buried, fragmented;
Adrift on the endless sand of Eternity\'s broken hourglass!