Benjie the salad


Time was thinning like in  the middle of that glass
I knew it was the beginning of the end of my class
And the unfortunate understanding of the lesson
What do you call an emptiness of time?What do you name it cuz its not a wound...this  is not a lesion
 If Only I could fill my drink with tears,so I will live longer even with pain ,I do not feel.
What do you call dullness that lacks tears ,the only thing falling, sinking is my heart.

  You have spilled to the ground,with my senses you have broken through to the deep.
They have called me a madman, chained me with cold steel,but my soul was frozen when I couldn\'t no longer taste you . They shush me like a babe born of insanity,I went numb deep when my mind screamed at your absence.
The absence of time ,loss of memory is the ultimate killer of life,love.