Aliens are here!

Aliens are here!


You have seen their handiwork -

the mindless staring into screens

how they carry their lives

in their purses and pockets

and the only time they smile

is when they turn on their phones.


Walk into a waiting room 

with 10-15 people waiting 

and 10-15 will be lost in their second lives.

Their first lives have been altered 

to where they are irretrievable. 


Walk the streets and see them 

transfixed, not watching

while lives are at stake 

as they cross into traffic.


Watch as they drive 

while they interact with their second passenger

the one they rely on for decision making.


Some share their bed with their phone.


Watch a gathering of friends

sitting near each other

conversing via text.


This is not human behavior.

It is coerced behavior.

It is the work of aliens!


Those fantastically fast creatures 

that inhabit our skies

control our people

and turn us into “persona-robotica”...


soon to do their bidding.