Forever Beautiful

Forever Beautiful


“How long does love last?”

is an age old question 

that has never been answered

now, or in the past.


Some have said it lasts forever

but have no proof.

They say it lasts a lifetime

but how can that be true 

if no one has ever returned to confirm it?.



Love lasts but a moment

an infinitesimal millisecond in the span of time.

You see, they ask the wrong question.

It’s not how long love lasts that’s important 

but how long it is felt.


Is there love in the face of the Mona Lisa?

Was there love on the cross of Cavalry?

Is there love in the memories of a surviving partner?


How far can we stretch the fleeting moments 

in which we know love?


Some people exist and never know love.

Some people exude love from the pores of their heart.

Some people search for love, but never find it.

Some demand it artificially, just to feed a starving ego.


Is unrequited love truly love?.

Isn’t love a two way street?


Love never dies, it is forever beautiful.