My guard is up

I make a \"friend\"

Okay \"sure\"

Someone wants to be friends with \"me\"

No, I don\'t even want to be friends with me

Okay, a friend you seem


Answer every call, every text

\"I love you\"

\"You\'re awesome\", \"amazing\", \"beautiful\"

I\'m not

I know I\'m not

Slowly I drop my guard

I have a friend

You\'re so nice

Is this what it\'s like to have a friend?

Slowly you fade

Stop answering calls, responding to texts

You\'re busy perhaps

Your life got crazy


You still answer

Just not to me

New friends 

As I fade

They will too one day

I\'ve dropped my guard

I let myself hurt

Now you answer

\"Life was crazy\" you say

\"I\'m sorry\" you say

I\'m working on rebuilding my wall

It\'s still fragile

I believe you

You\'re being so nice

So trusting

Like the you I always knew

Then it happens again

I didn\'t finish building my wall so it easily fell

You didn\'t need to destroy it

I let it fall

I let my wall fall and now I\'m defenseless

My raw heart hurting

I let this happen



I don\'t have friends

I won\'t have friends

I\'m not even my own friend

Maybe I\'m wrong

Maybe it\'s me


I don\'t know anymore