There was always more going on in her head 

Too much that needed to be done

All she could do was drag herself to bed 

Only her life had just begun 


There was a pile of bills that sat on the counter

And not enough money in her pockets 

It was as if her world was crumbling around her


There  seemed to be nothing for her to believe in

She saw no escape that she could take

She was to tie down with children and a husband


She didn’t feel as she contributed 

At this point, she believed that she was a waste of space  

Her husband cared for her on her worst but she was too much of a burden 


and she hated it that 


She only saw one way to escape the downward spiral that was her life 

A single tear run down her cheek

as she  took the blade in her hand to examine it

There was already blood running down one of her arms

she runs the blade

Across her other wrist.

A bittersweet ending of her downward spiral