Hey mom...Hows life?

You had me, you left me 

You never cared

I was your second child

And you still weren\'t prepared


You were never there to wipe the tears

You weren\'t there for me throughout the years


When I was lonely you weren\'t there 

I guess that\'s because you didn\'t care 


I could never forgive you for what you did 

Because sometimes I wished that I was dead

Without a mother I was lost and confused

If parenting were a contest you would lose


Call me or write me you never did

How could you do that to your own kid?


You had me you left me 

You never cared 

You are the reason I was scared 


All those days that I\'ve been upset 

Will soon become your biggest regret 

When I was sick you didn\'t comfort me 

When I was hurt you didn\'t bandage me 


You had me, you left me 

You never cared

My most important memories we never shared