Robert Haigh

Twelve Chimes of Midnight

The twelve chimes of midnight

Strike fear down every street.

\'Tis then the headless warrior

Begins his dreaded beat.


With broadsword at the ready,

He strides around the town,

Searching for a victim,

To hunt and hack them down!


He has no eyes or ears,

Because he has no head!

But he can sense all movement;

Get too close and you\'re dead!


He comes from the old graveyard

At midnight, on the dot.

And he will keep on coming

Until a head he\'s got!


He caught a drunken reveller,

And sliced his neck clean through!

But then he threw the head away;

He knew it would not do!


He\'s after finer stock,

And so his quest goes on.

Now it\'s nearly midnight  

I think I\'d best be gone!