I\'m on the outside of the glass,


looking in on you,


an exquisite exhibit of everything beautiful


But maybe it\'s the opposite


Maybe I\'m the one in the glass enclosure,


the common animal,


no better than a snake lying in wait


Can you see the serpent\'s coils of my heart,


tensed, taut, ready to strike?


Ready to lash out and latch onto your heart,


curl around and around until the choking force of my heart breaks yours


Can you see the reptile eyes I so carefully hide behind happy smiles,


when all I can think of is the jealousy poisoning my veins?


Can you see the lump in my throat from the feelings I swallow whole,


unable to digest,


and hidden in plain sight?


I\'m the evil in the garden of Eden, honey,


and the apple I beg you to eat holds my love for you


It will surely be your downfall