kitty the naughty poet

The Void.

The Void.

The fog swirls down around me, 

and the void in my chest deepens.

I push and fight in my mind to pull myself free, 

as it aims to swallow me down.

This void in my chest gets bigger and developed a voice of its own. 

“I’m here for life, you’re no good, there’s no getting away from me.”

Despite the stillness of the house, 

the void screams so ferociously, 

When did the silence leave from inside me?

“What’s the point, you aren’t good enough, it’ll only get ruined if you try.” 

Darkness creeps in from the windows, 

The walls feel like they’re closing in.

As the fog seeps through my head to cloud my mind.

And my creativity gets lost in the shadow of forgotten pain.


I twist and contort myself to break free, 

but It\'s not an easy task.

How can I speak when no one can witness the void that threatens to suck me in? 

They don’t look and see the sadness that’s deep inside my eyes, 

They never look within.

How can I speak my truth when no one listens to my silence? 

Surely that means I’m alone in this world,

“I’ll always be here because you’re no good, and I will always tell you so.” 

The voice doesn’t stop as the fog envelops me further, entangling my soul.

Clawing, ripping and shredding me from the inside out.

I need to fight my way out of this void.

Written by: Katie Clarke 2021