Bill Smith Parker Sr.

Driver Brother ( Last few pages)

Johnny looked down at his hands with his pale blue eyes,they have become full of veins and brown spots,he laughs under his breath” I guess we all gotta die sometime” His hands had become cold then numb.As his eyes looked over the horizon the smile of a young man returned this endless wonder surrounding his face. His breath was slow and labored his heart no longer in rhythm. The whole four dimensional world became an amazing white light that fades to reveal the petal of a rose gently falling.With the elegance only God could create this blessing. This troubadour of life  makes its way down into this peace. Johnny feels the soft skin of her brown thighs on his cheek and wonders am I dead. For the last time and maybe for the rest of time she combs her long black hair as he rests his head on the gentle skin of the woman he truly ever loved 

The war had ended over a lunch of pomegranates and figs.

Westphalian sovereignty burned like the pages of a rolled up newspaper in the fire

Jew and Arab have found peace at last. All the religions are put to rest. This is not want God had in mine. If he meant for men to organize his will he would have not gave them free will.


All the memories flow through his head in still second frames.

The mamma he loved, The beauty in the eyes of the only woman he ever trusted.The crying at the altar.On his knees in that hotel room praying God may kill him are bring him back to life. All the love in this world flows like a laser across time and space.Piercing the very fabric of the known universe.  Small children that he has helped create.The ones he loves the ones that loved him, All emotion spread out across the stars. All he will ever know is reflected back into the eye of a small child playing with a flower on a planet in the distant future. 


Jesus Christ raises up his head for the last time as a mortal man and answers that question the drunk had in that south Georgia bus station two thousand years later. He answers: it is Finished.