I stare into the laundry, 

remembering it’s my turn. 

I don’t feel like breathing today. 

White tshirt, black trousers, red lace panties. 

I cannot help thinking 

that there is no reason for us to be here. 

I haven\'t done my homework yet. 

My future is calling me. 

Where’s the detergent? 

My future home looks a lot 

like my childhood bedroom. 

Blue blouse, green socks, 

Who would wear that shade of pink?

I am living with a thousand people in my head, 

like an empty soul, 

wondering where the Universe ends. 

Give me a meaning, 

I have tried stealing it but now 

I’m handcuffed to a career. 

I don\'t know what I want anymore. 

Do you think I need softener? 

I don’t know what to do with my pulse,

I mean, my life, 

I mean, silk dress. 

Do I air dry the bras? 

Hang them with my dreams.