Eulogy For Ammini

Old, sick, hungry and scared 

crying and whining

for her loved ones

she lay for days

soaking wet

in the relentless rain

no one to care, no food, no water

abandoned, she waited.

Old and blind, her only fault...

A gentle, loving and docile creature

how can people be so cruel

so heartless,

betraying the trust

of these mute beings...

Her only fault, she can\'t talk

but her heart, full of love

unselfish and whole.

Her faith in us constant

never doubting that

she will be cared for.

Poor soul, her faith misplaced

for she was abandoned...

cruel and heartless, her owner

left her to fend for herself!

Thirsty and hungry

she whined and cried....

But not all of God\'s children 

are heartless and cruel

for she was found,

fed, cared and loved for..

She left this world yesterday

 for God\'s abode

but before she left

she got love at its best,

care and shelter,

safety and warmth.

Ammini,  the gentle loving soul

one among many

who suffers like this

but for people who care

about them, our mute friends

and all creatures wonderful 

in this world.

But for them

she would have died 

hungry and scared; all alone 

in the falling rain...

I have not met you Ammini

but I feel for you,

my heart\'s heavy!

I pray you are happy

loved and safe 

wherever you are!