Florence J

What if

What if,

for just a day…


or even just a second,

You loved me the way I love you.


What if,

you saw me the way I see you.

What if,

you thought about me the way I thought about you? 

Consuming your every waking thought about me…

allowing me to inhabit your mind as you have colonised mine.


What if,

you dreamt about a future with me, the way I day dream about ours?


What if,

was the one you wanted to marry… instead of her?

Why can’t it be me?

What is it about me that’s not enough?

Is it my looks, because I can change them. 

Or maybe it’s my personality?

… you can mold that.

Whatever you need, I’ll be.


But that’s just it.
What you need, is for me to leave you alone.

To not fantasies about our future together. To just accept that this is the end.


If there’s anything more painful than heartbreak, it would be this.

The ‘what if’s’ of unrequited love.