The invisible hands

while under the vast sky 

the insignificant me 

gave a sigh 

a sigh of sadness 

a sigh of being stagnant 

it was all

 but not a sigh of relief 


wonder when shall problems end 

wonder when shall tides reside 

wonder when shall storms pass

wonder when shall winter pass

Will the flowers bloom 


all thoughts dwell 

without any action 

cause peace unfound 

the mind astray 


looking at the vast sky 

the heart sighed 


who knew 

invisible hands were working beside 

the stagnant me 

felt a plunge 

silent cheers emerge 

the push, the mind needed 

those silent cheers came along 


somewhere under the vast sky 

I existed 

along with burdens unknown 

but thanks to hands of invisible unknown 

they held me behind 

telling me stories of life 

weaving poetries of all kind 

teaching me to stand up all time 


thanks to invisible hands 

I say 

they lent their shoulders on way 

teaching me life lessons on way 


showing the daring  nature beside 

showing the heaps of strength inside 


chaos still remain 

yet again 

I find peace in their lullabies 


under the vast sky 

I am not alone 

with unknown burden of mine 

thanks to invisible hands beside