Looking down out below

The people scream and shout

Running and running frantically 

Searching and looking 

Looking for a way in

A way to help, a way to change her mind

She\'s thinking, then she closes her eyes 

She leans out and jumps

Falling, tumbling,falling through the sky

The ground coming closer and closer

Letting gravity do it\'s job

She hits the ground

Instantly, her mind goes blank

No more thoughts, no more noise, nothing

Bullies, unwanted,not fitting in

Unloved, not cared about

No longer a thing

She jumped

Jumped to end it all

Jumped to her death

Now, she\'s dead

Just because no one listened

Listened to her call for help 

Listened to the cuts, and burns

Now, no one can help her, 

Cause, she no longer exists