See the blood rolling down my arms

See the bright red flowing into little streams

The little cuts that no one sees

The cuts that they think have no purpose

The cuts that are a silent cry

A cry for help

A cry that you cant here

A moan, a cry, a scream, a yell 

But, it\'s silent

The cuts are like a map

Going up and down my body

Some inviciable, like a secret passage in a movie

Others have fake stories, lies behind them

Lies that hide the truth

Lies that cannot be remembered

Lies that are always retold 

One lie will never go away though

The lie that I tell myself

That I\'m okay

But, as I tell myself I\'m okay

I am sitting and looking

Looking at the blood 

The blood as it rolls 

Rolls down my arms

In bright little red streams 

But, yet I feel nothing

I am numb

Numb and bleeding