I close the door

I lock the door

I roll up my sleeve

I look at my arm

I think this is a good idea

It is

I push the razor into my arm

I push it up and down my arm in little streaks

Streaks like I\'m playing the violin

Soon blood comes from the cuts

I feel nothing

I feel a little bit of a pin sensation

I can feel something

I am no longer numb

Cut, cut, cut

Keep on cutting

Keep on feeling

Cut, cut,cut, no longer feeling pain

Pain of people 

Pain of regret

Pain of sadness

The only pain felt 

Is the pain that I cause

The pain that I cause from the cuts

Pain from the cuts that I cause

From the cuts that bleed

The blood that is red

That runs down my arm

As I push the razor into my arm

After I roll up my sleeve

After I lock the door

After I close the door

After the decision that changed my life