gangsta rap influenced me

gansgta rap influenced me

i’m not talking old gansta rap i’m talking new gangsta rap.

chicago drill rap.

bitch fucking pill popping caine slanging gun hanging gang banging influenced me

young pappy was more of a father in my life than my father in my life

taught me real men do cry

gotta problem stand on it don’t hide

your folks ain’t your folks watch who rides

showed me getting out poverty is the accomplishment

the ones you starved with you eat with

never had a silver spoon only plastic dishes

from the Jesus mission

free lunch from the school kitchens

seen enough make a grown man cry

seen my own mother died in front of my eyes

pain behind these poems

i’ll die about mines

gangsta rap influences me

young pappy was more than a father then my father ever was to me

gangsta rap influenced me