Sometimes I ask for my name

And I become confused


Due to how I play the game

With millions of dudes


I really get nervous, if I merit this fame

each has different ways, of giving their news


Am called ‘’Bosommuru’’ by some

A blessing for the great, but a yoke too burd’nsome


My students call me BM

Can’t help it just keep the fandom


Majority keep to sir

And it tastes like myrrh


Some call me ‘’kofi’’

And it’s simple

Others say Joel

I don’t know if it’s the one in the Bible


One calls me ‘’ntimic’’

He seems funny just playing gimmick


A friend calls and shouts’’ gyimii’’

And am not amazed he refers to me


I remember very well biggest boy

Least did I know life makes us toy


One preacher calls me bishop

Don’t like it when he makes me special


Some call me ntim

Those ones want to stay official


Lest I forget, one calls me baby

Is it because am childish or kiddy?


She calls me ‘’fiifi’’

I drop, and respond Sissy


You still remember omega one?

It was an amateur recommendation


The Siblings say ‘’braa’’

And I marvel because of her location


What this profession gave, tee

Smile a bit and cut the communication


A group combines, teacher kofi

I become angry, but that’s their occasion


In each case, this is my identity

And I submit, for thus how I lived with humanity


                                                                                                                        Writer: Ntim Gyakari



  1. Bosommuru- meaning ‘’distinguished’’name of the spirit guiding a particular clan in Ghana.
  2. BM-acronym for Business Management
  3. Kofi-an akan male born on Friday
  4. Fiifi- a fante male born on Friday
  5. Ntimic- nickname coined from ntim
  6. Gyimii-stupid
  7. Braa- akan word for brother
  8. Tee- short form of teacher (locally coined)
  9. Sissy- meaning mother, sister or lady