Elysia Lee Wyne

The Eternal Change



Three yards ahead, Three years ago,

I spotted nature’s wonder.

The hamlet was shrouded by snow

And I heard loud claps of thunder.


The air was frosty, the wind was harsh,

And the full moon lit the night,

The lamp on streets shook by wind,

Much addling was the sight.


Amidst the air and the snow,

Away bloomed a rose,

A sculpture made by heaven,

And the one, the mighty God chose.


An adorned piece of creation,

A beige fedora on the head,

A mackintosh hanging from the shoulder,

And cheeks, both cherry-red.


Surprise had transfixed me,

And I was left all smiling,

The marvellous Elysian sculpture,

Had come here just for whiling.


The damsel saw me,

And gifted me a smile,

Our eyes met and I,

I stood there for a while.


The pure soul left the place,

And I was left alone.

Till she reached the verge of the path,

Her brilliant light shone.


I stood there for a while and thought,

About that dazzling creature,

About the glory and beauty,

And the embellishment of her features.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

I spotted nature’s wonder,

I found an enigmatic jade,

While the hamlet was in slumber.


Passed a week, but I couldn’t,

Get a chance to spot her again.

I searched the streets, unearthed the roads,

But all my tries, in vain.


Snowflakes fell down, on the ground,

And the sky became all clear,

The Lilacs bloomed everywhere,

For, the spring, it was near. It


The day was bright, the air was fresh,

And the zephyr blew around.

The fragrant spring, the daffodils,

And the sweet birds’ chirping sound.


Everything came to life,

And the sunshine grew bright,

The apple blossoms and the hyacinth,

So worthy was the sight.


Again, I got a chance,

To catch the elusive butterfly.

My heart was filled with thunder,

And a rainy sky.


This time when I saw her,

She was dressed in warm hue,

The humble tint of peach and pink,

And her aura in the view.


She sways as light as lubdub,

Like tender sunshine in rain,

Her eyes shine as beryls,

Her skin, like porcelain.


Her hazel hair all hanging low,

As bright as stars, as bright,

The intricate curls caressing her cheeks,

I call it a starry night.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

I spotted nature’s wonder,

I thought that we were linked,

But we were miles asunder.


Once again fortuitously, I got

Noticed by my muse,

This time she offered a hand,

From her sleeves hanging loose.


My feelings were quite visible,

Audible was the voice inside.

Despite being different,

By friendship, we were tied.


My star shone brightly over,

My fate smiled upon,

I thought about it over and over,

From the sunset till the dawn.


Even the next day, we met

At the same place as yesterday,

At the park, beside the street,

Because she had some words to say.


She lead me to her house,

That was three miles ahead,

I saw a huge palace,

It was her home, she said.


Away from the chaotic world,

She lived in her own.

A place with uncanny atmosphere,

Where a different wind was blown.


She asked me to visit

Her abode as I please,

The thunder and the storm

In my heart, was now at ease.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

I met the nature’s wonder,

I am glad I came across a star,

A delicate heavenly wunder.


I visited her house at my will,

Every once in a while,

She always welcomed with high spirits,

And a hearty smile.


Her home, a three-storey building,

With rooms some six to seven,

A hall, a basement and a grand lounge,

A garden resembling heaven.


The enchanting house from the outside,

Not a thing did it lack,

But absurdity arose on the inside,

Where the walls were painted black.


I was made aware of all the rooms,

Except the one on the edge,

Some notes were written on its door,

And was surrounded by a hedge.


When I brewed the question about the same,

She shook her head in despair,

Following was an untamed face,

With a gruesome glare.


On a bright day, surprisingly,

She left me in her home, alone,

My heart carried me to that room,

As soon as she was gone.


The ambience nasty, the room all bare,

And, the walls bled all red,

The place was dark, with no lamps,

I could feel the daze in my head.


The smell of blood and bloodstains,

Caused a chill in my spine.

I felt the horror and the prickle,

And the need to whine.


Away from the tranquil world

stayed the devil whom I disdain,

A place with appalling atmosphere,

Where human beings were slain.


I left the place as fast a I could

with no clue of me being there.

That sight was filled with plenty of terror,

No more my eyes could bear.


From Alpha to Omega, I

Couldn’t unravel the truth untold.

Neither the awful secrets behind,

Nor what her cavernous eyes told.


After that, we never met,

Until the moment came,

She came across me at the parlour,

But her manners were all same.


That incident had cast a pall

of terror over my head,

I spent all troubled days,

Many sleepless nights in my bed.


But after watching the dainty devil,

I could never believe it was her.

An angel in a human form,

Her sins in my sight, all blur.


She held my hand, gently

But I didn’t hear her speak,

Her lustre and her innocence,

Made me, severely weak.


She carried me to her home,

That was a mile ahead.

The vision, All I forgot

of the walls bleeding red.


We entered the dark world,

She and I, side by side.

My eyes with a fixed gaze

And mouth left gaping wide.


Her home, an empty space

With no rooms but a mighty cell,

Darkness, Blood and Sins around,

It resembled a piece of hell.


Her grip grew much tighter,

Her veins, all blue and cold.

The flicker in her eyes,

Her skin, radiant like gold.


Her smile turned to a smirk,

Her fangs, Alas! I saw

What a dreary touch to beauty!

Oh! What a great flaw!


But the sky was in my favour,

My star was twinkling bright.

She lost my grip, At first, I tripped,

But then I made it right.


I left the place as fast as I could

Being a witness of all things there.

That sight was filled with plenty of terror,

No more my eyes could bear.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

I thought ‘twas nature’s wonder,

I didn’t knew, it wasn’t true,

Instead a mighty blunder.


It has been three years,

Since the incident took place.

I couldn’t forget the maiden,

A strain in the human race.


A body filled with human blood,

Yet so rare.

A marmoreal devil,

With a winsome glare.


With no more dreams and fears of the past,

I began my life, anew.

I moved to a peaceful place,

Where my seeds of solace grew.


I took my time and tried my best

to forget the things, happened before.

The blood, The fangs, The devil, The sins

And the rest of the eyesores.


I sit by my moonlighted window

And see the silver moon, shine.

I feel the misty clouds above,

The weather around, all fine.


I live a life much happier,

Than the one, before I had

A healthy and a happy life,

Rather than messed and sad.


On a full red moon night,

I observed the happenings, around.

Some strange and some horror,

Some fearful, made me astound.


The night as black as a raven,

The darkest night of the year.

The sound of owls, the howling wolves,

It all instilled fear.


Surprise has transfixed me,

And I am left all wailing.

Because I just saw a bat

Climb up my windows’ railing.


I heard someone knock on my door,

Louder than my beating heart.

Retrieval of past memories began

From the end to the start.


I locked my windows, slammed the door

Even the back door was shut.

I held it tight, with all my might

Forced open it was, but.


My eyes saw the precious thing,

That once I worshipped as a deity,

Though, I call her a devil now,

No apt words for her beauty.


I wonder now, I wonder how

The devil made her way?

The encounter, visits to her home

For it, now I have to pay.


She held me, tighter than ever,

I could never lose her grip,

Her fangs pierced through my jugular vein,

Drops of my precious blood dripped.


Soon followed by a splash of blood,

The floor was painted red.

The true admirer of the Deuce,

Lying on the floor, cold and dead.


I bet if God would ever grant

Her a place in hell.

She might have sucked, thousand people

Or more who could ever tell.


My death was not the end,

But a dreary sinful birth,

Not again as a human but,

Someone lower than its worth.


I felt so wasted even though,

I didn’t had a sip of wine,

The red liquid inside me

Was no longer all mine.


I’ve lost the eternal sunshine,

I miss the bright sunny day,

Darkness has filled my world,

My days, all blue and grey.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

An incident in December,

Made me believe a devil in disguise,

Made my heart, burn like an ember.


Three yards ahead, three years ago,

I wished for that summer,

In which I could spot the star,

Who shines like no other.


At my abode, a while ago,

My spirit was encumbered,

I woke up as a devil,

While the human was in slumber.


All the things pale in my head,

Except, the one I remember,

I woke up as a devil,

As a devil, I’ll live forever.