Old school lover

I’m an old-school type of lover.

A girl who prefers being chased and tried

Rather than pursuing you myself…


I want the romance where we catch each other’s curious glances,

Across the room your eyes peeking over the edge of a novel.

My eyes meet yours, and for a second…

We gaze. Into a ceaseless sea of mystery…


A love that in an instant, sparks a flame.

An utmost rarity in any reality;

An idyllic scene of modern Shakespeare,

When once enemies, we are now lovers…


I’m an old-school type of lover,

Whose affections must be earned.

Not merely sought, but chased after!

A love that relentlessly burns…


A love one only finds in books.

A love so scarce and so special.

That’s the love I’ve always wanted;

An old-school type of love…