Doll in Wonderland


I am a house of refuge

I am the woman that broken men come to lay their weary heads on

The one who will wipe away tears and give gentle hands in the places needed

I will cradle you gently and stay up all night

Making you feel like everything will be all right

My foundation is solid

My chest ample enough to give you shelter, and my stomach a perfect place to lie your head

While my hands are always slightly cool and forever stroking, touching and caressing, 

A perfect blend of mother\'s and lover\'s touch

Tell me your secrets, tell me your hurts, give me your pain

I will drink it all in, and make you a cup of tea or coffee, and cut you some fruit 

Always taking care of you

I am the one you will always run to, but not the one you will stay for

You\'re welcome to take, take, take and never give

You\'ll always say \" I thought we\'d always end up together\"

But that would be a disaster, and if you really wanted to, why didn\'t you try harder???

I probably should have ran from you, or at least learned how to lock the door.