Garth Rakumakoe

Love Seasons Of Two

He’d been filled with a deep longing,

having last seen her

a week, that felt like months ago


Winter turned seventy, there and then

when his heart beamed

the birth of spring

at the sight of her


He planted a kiss

on her forehead

and from her smile

down to her painted toenails,

pointedly standing,

to embrace his tall frame

she took his breath away

as her lips met his

and blushed Autumn sixteen


They spent the day together,

clasped, inter-etched,


and fanned the flames,

the flames of love…


She loved cooking for him

as he toplessly did the dishes

Tending the meal

she turned

their gazes locked

and declared their promises


The air was flammable

The fire was in their eyes

and summer was twenty-one!