Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

An umbrella stands in a caring colour

An umbrella stands silently in the rain 

she’s quiet , protective

like that comfortable cloud calling peace to you 

when you are in that place of tedious saddened grey 


an umbrella stands silently in the rain 

standing in protection of the girl who’s needing a calming comforting place to hide 

she’s standing silently with only the brightly coloured design speaking with the girl 

calming and strengthening her inner spirit 


as the rain falls and the girl needs a hug 

she’s found one in the umbrella 

she’s already found one in the brightly coloured design 

in the tenderness of the strong loving leaf 


it’s not pouring mountains of rain yet 

so the umbrella is enough 

to keep her away from the outside world of running tears 

and in the steady sunshine 

without any sad sighing sadness pouring helplessly on her skin 


an umbrella stands silently in the rain 

speaking brightly of a coloured cheerfulness 

and the strength like that of tender talkative branches 

the girl is grateful , almost cheery eyed 

because there’s that something standing lightly strong 

ever so gently protecting her from the worlds tears 

keeping her in a safe space 

in a blanket , cushioned and loved by a comfortable cloud 


she is happy to be looked after by something so bright eyed and comfortably cushion like